I do believe in Angels

I am making a come back to the blogging world with a twist. My previous blog was all about my flea (eco friendly) finds, shopping, restyling, cottage, beach and french decor. My new blog will still include this. I also want to be a little more personal (to a point).

As we all know, life contains ups and downs. My life in the last month has certainly been a roller coaster, as I’m sure many of you can relate to. I took a break from Blogging in August because of family issues.

When I went to my blog (Affordable Elegance) I tried to download a new layout but the only thing there was pictures, I tried to do a new post but nothing showed up. I decided to post a new blog which I hope some of my previous readers will follow. I check in once and awhile, but usually don’t leave a comment. My energy just wasn’t there. But, I have been with all of you in heart and spirit. Your blogs keep me going.

So in an attempt to get back in the spirit of blogging and starting my life over, I wanted to create this new blog which will be about my life in Florida. My daily ups and downs, my decorating, my friends and family.

I am cutting this post short, but just wanted to reintroduce myself to the blogging world and let you know that I do believe in Angels. I have found many in Blogland.




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